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12 Ways to move yourself & your family toward better health & body size

Food Dyes and
Artificial Sweeteners:
  Find the same or a similar food you used to get that doesn’t have the dyes in it. These two ingredients are always on the label toward the end.  Instead of artificially flavored and colored gelatin, bring home plain gelatin and 100% fruit juice. Use the fruit juice as the base of your gelatin. Dyes and sweeteners have a strong association with behavior and anxiety issues. Invariably, the nutritional quality of the food that dyes and sweeteners are in is sorely lacking, so you’re not missing much by leaving them on the shelf. Artificial sweeteners are also associated with weight gain.
White Flour:
Use whole wheat or barley flour instead of white flour. The following names all mean white flour:  white flour, wheat flour, enriched flour, semolina. If it doesn’t say, “whole wheat”, it’s not.
Begin to substitute honey for sugar (white or brown). It’s much harder to over eat honey. By eliminating foods with sugar, you are by default eliminating a lot of processed, nutritionally
void foods.
Make water your major beverage. It keeps you hydrated and feeling fuller longer.
Whole Grains:
Learn to cook whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, milled and or fashioned oats. The internet is loaded with good recipes.  Try brown rice pasta. It’s delicious and can be found in
most supermarkets.  
Begin to buy more organic, free range, grass-fed meats. Yes, they’re more expensive. The good news is, you will use less meat and that is associated with better health.  Make more dishes that have small pieces of meat in them like a stir fry, spaghetti sauce or a casserole.
(dried or canned beans):
Add legumes to your diet. (Black beans, lentils, old navy, pinto, etc.) Try black bean enchiladas, lentil soup, navy bean stew – lots of
delicious dishes!
What should be your goal? Aim for a maximum of one cup per day to cut down on the caffeine.
Milk Products:
Move toward small amounts of cheeses and yogurts. Fermented milk is better than straight liquid milk. It’s easier to digest cheeses and yogurts in small amounts. Get plain yogurt and add a tablespoon of fruit only jam. This is how you avoid all the sugar in yogurts. Fermented dairy is better than milk.  
Canned Vegetables:
Leave fruits for snacks. Fruits contain sugar and carbohydrates, but are natural and great for a quick energy booster.
 Instead of canned, use fresh or frozen vegetables.  Frozen are fabulous time savers and sometimes fresher than the fresh as they are often frozen right on the field as they’re picked by
the machine.
Choose one day/week to eat foods you don’t usually eat. It’s fun and not enough to tip
the scale.
It’s a New Year! A great way to start your New Year is to decide to wear only one hat.  Have a happy, healthy New Year working toward the body and the body size you were meant to have.

Sarah Bingham, MS, CNS, CGP | founder of Fast Food Healing, LLC. She earned her master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Massachusetts. Sarah co-authored the book, Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide, and has more than 35 years of experience counseling and lecturing throughout the country on all aspects of nutrition. She can be reached at 863-874-0407 or Check out

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