Char-Grilled Beef Tips – Dwayne’s Place Diner & Grill

Dwayne’s Place Diner & Grill is so much more than a diner. They are a restaurant. A restaurant that spends the time behind the kitchen doors to make and create food that brings back memories around the family table. They just serve up good ol’ fashioned home cooking and desserts…Southern style.

The Char-Grilled Beef Tips are on deck for Dwayne’s Dish Pick and is worthy of your hard earned dollar. It is not on their menu, but it has become so popular they have made it a weekly special. So popular that Dwayne said they just recently sold 70 plates in one evening. If your mouth is watering don’t blame me. I am just the messenger. After you read this review give them a call to see when their tender pork loin is being served.

Tender chucks of grilled beef tips are set atop real mashed potatoes, just like momma used to make, and topped with a brown gravy garlic sauce. At Dwayne’s Place sauce is more like a garlicky au jus than a gravy.

No masterpiece lesson here on how the beef tips are cooked. Just grilled and seasoned with salt and cracked pepper. When the meat is good, that is all you need.

Served with two sides; I chose some fresh sautéed veggies and hammock lima beans. Now all of you southerners listen up. I know you got excited with the mention of lima beans and then turned your nose up at the sautéed veggies, but they were delish when cooked in olive oil and cracked pepper. They weren’t boiled to death like the old days. Dwayne’s may serve home cooking, but they are up on what today’s dining patron wants. But I have to admit, those lima beans with the ham and onions did take me back to my childhood.

Dwayne’s Place Diner & Grill
6960 S. Florida Ave.
Lakeland, FL. 33813

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