DISH PICK: 10oz. Ribeye

I will be honest with you. Apple Lounge & Grill in Winter Haven wasn’t on my list of places I was going to do a Dish Pick. But that is what I love about my job! Good food can be found anywhere; even in a lounge.

In addition to the menu items, each day Apple runs a few specials. I came in on a Friday for lunch, (the parking lot only had one space left), and on this day, they run a steak special. It was my lucky day. I was in the mood for a steak!

The menu is well stocked with a variety of sandwiches to meet pretty much any fancy; they are light on salads, but have a plethora of starters. They are also known for their wings.

The steak, a 10 oz. ribeye, was cooked to medium rare perfection. Plainly seasoned with salt and pepper and seared in butter, and then finished in the oven. The steak was served with two sides – one being the vegetable of the day, which was broccoli casserole. The broccoli was fresh, not frozen and stocks were full instead of cut into smaller pieces as you might expect from being in a casserole. As you can see from the photo this casserole was not cooked into mush, leaving this vegetable a beautiful, sharp green and vibrant yellow from real cheddar cheese. With a butter and sour cream baked potato to finish this plate off, you could swear you were eating at your dining room table. All of this for just $9.99. Unbelievable.

This was real home cooking, and the staff made me feel like family.

Side Note: This is a smoking establishment.

2803 Recker Hwy
Winter Haven, FL

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