DISH PICK: A La Brasa Platter at Brasa Latina

I want to introduce you to Chef Jose Vicente, co-owner and chef of Brasa Latina. Think of Puerto Rican/Latin food, gourmet style! I am absolutely in love with the creativity in his International cuisine, gracious hospitality, and the prices for true culinary inspired dishes. He not only wants his patrons to enjoy good food, but make it affordable to more people. Take it from me, when you dine at Brasa Latina, your eating food created by not just a culinary educated chef, but a professional chef who has educated chef wannabes in academia.

For this Dish Pick I chose a dish with which I could have it all. I chose the A La Brasa Platter which comes with grilled shrimp, steak, chicken and Chorizo (a type of sausage). If you are looking at the picture, yes, there is a grilled chicken breast under all of that wonderful goodness!

Chef grills the meats with a cilantro vinaigrette that not only fires the meats with a nice light herb char taste, but the vinaigrette stays on the meat for added flavor. After plating, a sweet and tangy guava barbeque sauce is drizzled atop and when that drizzle mixes with the cilantro vinaigrette a whole new combination of flavor is introduced. Let it be understood, this is not a barbeque meal. It is a meal that uses a small amount of Chef’s own house made barbeque sauce to add flavor to the natural flavor of the meats. Think of the taste from the combination of the cilantro vinaigrette and guava barbeque as being a marinade to give a sweet-herbed flavor. It is yummy!

Market Square Plaza  3123 US 98 North
Lakeland, FL

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