DISH PICK: The Chop Shop Philly at Chop Shop

The Chop Shop Philly only resembles the Cheese Steak Philly by name with onions, mushrooms, Provolone cheese (not Cheez Whiz) and a hoagie bun. With the Chop Shop Philly you can choose between blackened chicken and sweet sausage as your meat. I am glad they did not try to emulate the “Philly.” It seems every restaurant has a Philly on their menu and they pretty much taste the same.

Not so here.The Chop Shop Philly is a beautiful combination a flavors that just work well together. The sautéed mushrooms and onions give a bistro flavor to the sandwich with just enough sweet glaze from the onions and a rich earthy bouquet from the mushrooms that pair well with the blackened chicken for a spicy, not hot, flavor. Topped with a creamy Provolone cheese, and then a smooth, house-made, garlic aioli giving this sandwich one flavorful combination. 

The Chop Shop Philly has a nice blend of spiciness from the total combination of the ingredients which hits your entire mouth. But what I love is that the cheese, aioli and bread bring a rich, savory, comfort flavor at the same time. And for fifty cents more you can add jalapeños! If you ain’t a scaredy-cat, I highly recommend. For me, the coup d’état of any great sandwich is the bread, and the Chop Shop Philly once again doesn’t disappoint. 

An hour later this sandwich was still on my taste buds and mind. Oh my… Readers, you will thank me for letting you know about the Chop Shop Philly!

118 S.  Kentucky Ave, Downtown Lakeland

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