DISH PICK: Goumba Gene Italian Sub at Uncle Nick’s

Gene Italian sub at Uncle Nick’s N.Y Style Bagels, Subs & Deli is definitely worthy of the Italian name.

To make a really good Italian sub each ingredient must hit the mark where the salami and pepperoni are cured and spiced just right, and the ham is a boiled deli meat, but quality. The provolone must be creamy with a very slight saltiness to it. Lettuce must be Iceberg instead of that fancy schmancy stuff I swear is picked out of someone’s backyard. Tomatoes must, and I repeat must have a full body taste where the tangy-tartness is bold. And then there is the bread. Uncle Nick’s Italian bread is as good as advertised.

In my opinion what brings all of these ingredients and their tastes together is Uncle Nick’s special house dressing added at the end with the right combination of spices and herbs with a quality oil and vinegar. Uncle Nick’s also adds marinated, roasted red peppers which I liked a lot, but the Goumba Gene does not include white onion and Prosciutto. If you want onions make sure you convey this while ordering, and there is a small charge if you want Prosciutto added.

If you have been searching in Lakeland for a great Italian sub, then search no more, the Goumba Gene at Uncle Nick’s N.Y. Style Bagels, Subs & Deli has got you covered because it is Oh So Yummy!

6955 Old Highway 37
Lakeland, FL

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