DISH PICK: Mahi Mahi at Patio850

A Beautifully Constructed Dish

What I like about Chef Patrick at Patio 850 is that he lets the food be the star at his restaurant. He doesn’t try to over complicate his dishes. They are just good. It is that simple.

With nightly specials, a seasonal menu and Chef Patrick’s tried and true favorites, dining patrons just keep coming back. The Mahi Mahi is listed on the menu under Market Fresh Fish. I am not going to say it is always available, but I personally have never been told they were out.

This dish is a favorite of mine. It’s simplicity of flavors truly focuses on the fish itself. Mahi Mahi is commonly known as a Dorado or Dolphin Fish… Not to be confused with the air breathing dolphin. For you non-fish eaters, I am sure you have heard this before, “That you would like it if you would just try it!” Believe it or not, I have said this to many a meat eaters, and low and behold, I have made a few believers. 

The fillet is served on a bed of heavy mashed potatoes and topped with fresh spinach blanched from the garlic-butter from the baking of the fish. With a balsamic drizzle on one side and thick white wine reduction sauce on the other, the diner can dabble and dip to their tastes desire. 

This dish is very light, even with the creamy richness of the puréed potatoes. It has a crisp, tanginess in the sauce that at times will move your tongue to the front of the roof of your mouth. This dish is not sweet, but in the next bite you can get the fullness of the cream which can bring this out slightly.

The Mahi Mahi dish at Patio 850 is simply a beautifully constructed dish that doesn’t disappoint.

It is what you are Crave’n!

850 South Tennessee Ave.
Lakeland, FL. 33801

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