THE WOODEN SPOON – Dish Pick: Maryland-Style Blue Crab Cakes

Maryland-style blue crab cakes are known for their simple preparation, with a focus on the sweet and succulent flavor of the crab meat. The cakes are typically made with a mixture of crab meat, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, eggs and Old Bay seasoning (a blend of spices that includes celery salt, paprika, and black pepper.) The cakes are then pan-fried or broiled to produce a crispy exterior and a moist, flavorful interior. The result is a traditional blue crab cake with a balance of sweetness from the crab meat and a tangy, slightly spicy flavor from the Old Bay seasoning.

The above is a classical description of Maryland-style blue crab cakes. So, when I saw them on The Wooden Spoon menu, a diner of all places… I was a little skeptical. And in my defense, why shouldn’t I be. We are in Lakeland, Florida… Polk County of all places! It is not like we are in a coastal diner in Maryland. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought to order them if that were the case.

General manager, Ivan Rosario said that I must try The Wooden Spoon’s Maryland-style blue crab cakes. I was thinking that he thought they were better than they really were. I was wrong. They were better than he described, and better than I imagined. I thought they would be heavy on “filler” ingredients and light on crab. They weren’t. If you like crab cakes, I know how disappointing it is when you order them and you get very little of the meat. It is not only disappointing, you feel cheated for the amount of money you spent. It is down-right criminal.

This Dish Pick could have been very short. I could have just told you The Wooden Spoon, a Lakeland diner, has really good Maryland-style blue crab cakes and have been done with it. But, would you have really believed me that you could these delightful crab cakes on the same menu that has pancakes and sausage on it? Probably not. Just know, there is a local place you can get those tasty cakes. They are full of crab, tasty and broiled perfectly. Give The Wooden Spoon a try. You will be glad you did.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The cakes are also available as Crab Cake Benedict and as a sandwich!

Just a note. The Wooden Spoon’s menu is extensive. Sauces and soups are made from scratch and meats cut by hand. Portions are large, and prices are reasonable. Even their coffee served is not from a mass food supplier. It is roasted from a premium, small batch coffee company out of Tampa.

The Wooden Spoon
6960 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33813
(863) 940-2099

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