DISH PICK: Mocha Pork Tenderloin at Patio850

True story. We were on deadline the day before going to print. I was just enjoying a nice glass of wine on Patio’s patio, and Chef Patrick enticed me with one of his new menu creations. So there you go. I really had no choice, because the Mocha Pork Tenderloin is truly worthy of your tastes buds, and Polk Foodie readers needed to know. It is almost like a public service announcement. Chef Patrick and Patio850 gives new meaning to pork and beans. Using a butter knife, pork tenderloin stood true to is its name. This tenderloin is rubbed with one of Chef Patrick’s famous rubs. Cooked to a perfect slight pink, this beautiful cut of meat’s juices blended with the bitter, but creamy chocolaty mocha rub for a deep savory taste that will linger in the back of your throat. The tenderloin is laid on a bed of Northern white beans. Yes, boring Northern white beans. But these are not just ordinary beans. Not Jack and the Bean Stock kind of special, but they are special after Chef Patrick does his magic and transforms them into melt in your mouth, shout it from the roof top Northern boring white beans kind of yummy. Yes, they have lots of the goodness of cream, bacon and prosciutto, and some other good stuff in them. But don’t worry about it. In Florida, we still don’t have to describe on the menu the caloric intake numbers. So remember, the moral to this story is… What you don’t know doesn’t matter… when it is this yummy!

(863) 940-2030 850
South Tennessee Ave.Lakeland

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