DISH PICK: Grilled Salmon Mediterranean Salad at Stadium Pizza

When you read this Dish Pick you aren’t going to believe it. Not because Stadium Pizza’s food isn’t good. It is very
good, and it’s a favorite of those who live in South Lakeland. You aren’t going to believe it because of the two dishes I am going to tell you about. They don’t quite fit the mold of a “pizza shop.”

The Grilled Salmon Mediterranean Salad was a plentiful and lush combination of mixed greens, iceberg lettuce and fresh spinach, caramelized pecans, Mandarin oranges, feta cheese and a Mandarin Ginger dressing. You can have the salad alone for just $6.99 or choose chicken, a grilled salmon steak or Ahi tuna to make it a more hearty meal for $8.49. For this salad Juan suggested I have the grilled salmon. At this price the dish is a big winner!

The salad was well balanced both in the variety of ingredients it boasts and the proportions of those ingredients. Sometimes these types of salads can become too sweet with the fruits and dressings losing site of light and fresh crispness of why you were craving a salad in the first place. Not so with this salad. There were plenty of oranges and pecans, but they didn’t overwhelm the salad.

The blend of flavors was masterful and the Mandarin Ginger Dressing was a perfect fit without being too sweet! The dressing is tangy with a pop of ginger that will enliven your taste buds. It lingers on your palate, so don’t overdo the dressing or you will miss the brilliant freshness of the rich mixed greens, spinach and just the right amount of iceberg lettuce.

I loved the grilled salmon in this salad. To be honest I was surprised by how high the quality was for a salad dish. That may sound surprising, but the salmon used was something you would find featured more as an entrée. It was flavorful and flaked in large meaty sections.

The salmon worked really well in this salad and was in perfect harmony with the other ingredients. The portion was generous without being too much.

1035 East County Rd. 540A
Lakeland, FL. 33813

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