DISH PICK: Fish/Shrimp Tacos at Harry’s Old Place

You Gotta Try Their Famous Hush Puppies!

A good seafood restaurant is hard to come by, and Harry’s Old Place is known for their beautiful seafood dishes. For patrons who are not seafood lovers they have an extensive menu of tastes that will satisfy the pickiest of eaters. For this Dish Pick, I want to talk about Harry’s Old Place Fish/Shrimp Tacos.

I had heard about how good the Fish Tacos were at Harry’s Old Place, and they did not disappoint. For $9.99 the meal comes with two fish and/or shrimp tacos, a choice of a side and they generously donate one of their famous Hush Puppies to the yummy cause of making you feel good.

I chose to get one fish taco and one shrimp. A large, lightly brown marked, grilled flour tortilla is loaded with your choice of grilled or blackened fish or shrimp with a not-overly-sweet small cut traditional coleslaw, cheddar on the fish/crumbled blue cheese on the shrimp, and a mango salsa with a little purple onion. 

I can only describe the salsa as smooth… and then it kicks you with sweet-hot in the end. The sweet-heat stays with you a bit, but does not burn in a spicy kind of way. It is tasty. The salsa has fresh dice cut mango which is very sweet and juicy. The coleslaw is the kind I like with small cut cabbage, a little carrot, and a mayonnaise base that isn’t overly done.

What I like about these tacos is that there is enough mango salsa and sauce to give good flavor, but it does not camouflage and cover up the fish/shrimp and other fresh ingredients. It enhances without dominating the plate. 

Harry’s Old Place
3751 Cypress Gardens Rd
Winter Haven, FL. 33884

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