DISH PICK: Italian Pork Loin Roulade at Patio850

This Dish is Not on the Menu. If it happens to Be on the Nightly Special, You Should Be So Lucky!

I have eaten at Patio850 many times, and I think I have had everything on the menu at least twice. So for this Dish Pick, I decided I would write about two of Chef Patrick’s nightly specials… and let me tell you they did not disappoint. Because they are specials, they are always changing. If you are truly set on having one of these dishes you should call to inquire about when they will be available.

Chef Patrick at Patio850 has once again outdone himself with this Italian Pork Loin Roulade at just $16.95. And at this price, it is a bargain on quality and quantity.

This dish is rich, rich, rich. The pork was cooked perfectly as it should be. This dish explodes with flavor. As the name of the dish implies, the pork is rolled around Italian sausage, baby spinach and a cheese mixture that delights the palette with even more flavor that blends well with the pork.

The pork is placed atop a puree of fresh sweet potatoes that may I add I dreamed about all night. It is topped off with fresh roasted Brussel sprouts, fresh orange slices and a honey bacon glaze. Yeah, I said it. You heard me right. There is bacon in this glaze!

This dish just works where you can taste the individual flavors of each ingredient and the blending of them as well. The tastes balance each other with the sweet and creaminess of the pureed sweet potatoes and glaze, versus the slight bitterness of the roasted Brussel sprouts. And let me not to forget to mention the mild spiciness that the sausage brings to the pork. Yummy. Need I say more?

850 South Tennessee Ave.
Lakeland, FL. 33801

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