DISH PICK: Pulpo (Octopus) at Nineteen61

An Appetizer You Won't Forget!

Nineteen61 is a new restaurant in Lakeland that has just raised the bar for food being served in Lakeland. Nineteen61 should be on your short list of places to try. To be honest, this Dish Pick was extremely difficult for me to do. I tasted many dishes and found it unsettling that I only had space to write about just one.

The dish I chose for this Dish Pick is Nineteen61’s Pulpo (Octopus) appetizer. Keep an open mind when you hear the word octopus. Many Americans are turned off by this dish even though they have never eaten it, or if they have, it was prepared badly.

If it is possible for a dish to be described as being beyond delicious, this dish is just that. No fishy taste because Chef Marcos, owner and food mastermind behind the menu, knows a thing or two about cooking. The Pulpo cuts smooth like a well marbled steak because of modern cooking techniques.

Accompanied by dark purple fingerling potatoes that sat on a semi-sweet, purple olive caramel sauce with dollops of olive aioli well positioned on the plate, and then topped with a zingy chorizo chimi churri that bursts with the favors of parsley, cilantro and onion. The sausage that helps give the rich flavor of the churri is cut so fine it is virtually not detectable with the human eye. The combination of tastes from the sauces and churri are paired perfectly with the pulpo giving the diner a dish to remember.

215 E. Main Street
Lakeland, FL. 33801

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