Dish Pick Review: Patio850 – Cast Iron Seared Filet

Marinated in Coffee Ground Spice Rube & Sherry Reduction Sauce

I sometimes take for granted that I get to eat and taste the culinary creations from many of the restaurants in Polk County. I love telling my readers about dishes that you won’t find just anywhere, and once again Chef Patrick at Patio850 doesn’t disappoint. 

I have eaten pretty much everything at Patio850 multiple times since their opening a quite few years back. Even though their menu changes both seasonally and to the creative whim of Chef Patrick, I had never had their steak, the Cast Iron Seared Filet. It is not that I thought their steak won’t be good, I just never thought of Patio850 as a steak place, and I should focus my attention on ordering  culinary creations that are more adventurous and creative from the mind of Chef Patrick than “just a steak.” Boy was I wrong in my thinking.

Just like many of the dishes from Patio850, the filet comes out on a bed of heavy cream whipped potatoes topped with pan semi-wilted spinach. This steak is rich in taste from being marinated with a coffee ground spice dry rub in a red wine cherry reduction sauce. It is an eight ounce, (menu says 8 oz., but Chef says it is really10!) melt in your mouth, grass fed, garlic-herb butter pan seared hunk o’ meat that changed my mind about Patio850 not being a steak place! And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, a generous amount of beautiful crumbled blue vein Gorgonzola is sprinkled on top adding nice bite and saltiness.

850 South Tennessee Ave.
Lakeland, FL 33801

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