DISH PICK: Lasagna at Stadium Pizza

House-Made from Scratch!

We all have dishes from childhood that bring back memories. For me, lasagna is one of those dishes that has always brought me comfort. Stadium Pizza has a great lasagna. It is the kind of lasagna that my mom would make. They make it in-house from their own recipe, and just like mom, they do not skimp on the ingredients. 

Stadium’s lasagna is a meat sauce lasagna where the meat is a special blend of ground beef and ground pork. The tomato sauce is tangy semi-sweet, but not too sweet; which I don’t like. I like eating my dessert after my meal. And this lasagna is not just a sauce dish. Small chucks of garlic-basil stewed tomatoes can found throughout. The garlic is not over done, and a good distinct flavor of basil is evident. 

Fresh premium grade Mozzarella just covers this dish. Sometimes when I order it, I can’t even see the lasagna itself. Everyone knows the key to great lasagna is the mixture of ingredients in the cheeses. When a thick, generous layer of the most fattening cheese mixture of ricotta and Parmesan are brought together, you know you are in for a treat. With egg and a few herbs, this ricotta/Parmesan combo blends perfect with the meat sauce and lasagna pasta.

When you bite into the cheese mixture of ricotta, Parmesan etc., there is a rich coating of what really good cheese is supposed to have that covers your palate. Good cheeses bring the mouth to water where the fatty oils in the cheese are brought out and stand out just like this lasagna at Stadium Pizza & Grill!

Stadium Pizza & Italian Grill
1035 E. County Rd. 540A
Lakeland, FL. 33813

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