DISH PICK: Miguel Special at Tapatio’s

Mexican Comfort Food is this Dish!

If you are looking for true authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine there is no place better than locally owned Tapatio’s Mexican restaurant in Lakeland. Just as in many Mexican restaurants when you are seated you are greeted with a smile, and a basket of house-made chips and salsa. Tapatio’s red salsa alone is not hot. It has a mild base, even fitting for the most sensitive of pansies. This is not a chunky salsa. The ingredients are cut, almost puréed with no chunks of tomatoes and peppers. There are small Cilantro leaves throughout with small chunks of sweet onion. For those more adventurous types, a small carafe of a medium variety is available, and then a smaller four once wine pour like carafe is filled with liquid fire.

For most Americans when they think of Mexican food they think tacos, burritos and enchiladas, but Mexican cuisine is as diverse as the people themselves. When doing this Dish Pick I wanted to go off road of sorts, and taste a dish that won’t be on every Mexican restaurant menu. After a few suggestions of menu items that were distinctly Tapatio’s, I choose the Miguel Special. I liken this dish to Mexican comfort food with grilled chucks of chicken breast with tomatoes and covered with a rich, rich cheese dip. It is served with rice and tortillas. If you up for the challenge, take the chicken and rice with an ample amount of the cheese dip sauce and fill you up a tortilla.

At the end of the meal you will say, “It is what I have been Crave’n!”

Whether you are on the South or Northside of Lakeland, there is a Tapatio’s near you.

Tapatio’s Mexican Restaurant

South Lakeland
6645 S. Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL

North Lakeland
734 E. Memorial Blvd,  Lakeland, FL

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