Bathroom Scales and Healthy Eating


It is a new year and many are making the resolution (again) of losing weight and getting healthier. If you are tired of not being able to stick to the healthier you New Year’s Resolution, you are not alone.  New Year’s Resolutions that are big with sweeping changes rarely stick. This year let’s try to make little, consistent changes over a long period of time. These kinds of changes are easier to maintain and yield lasting results. The biggest key to better health is your decision process.
There’s an old Chinese saying, “wear only one hat”.  What this means is make decisions that create few or no ill consequences.  Say you decide to eat lots of highly processed foods.  By choosing the “hat” of processed food, you now put on the hat of not feeling well and/or gaining weight, then the hat of prescription drugs, doctor’s bills, ill health, the hat of drug reactions, etc.
If the “one hat” is the choice of eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods, no more hats are needed.  This is the diet we evolved with, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes.  Animal products (meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy) were condiments.  In the grand majority of cases, this decision is a decision that creates improved health and body size.  So put on your hat of eating healthier where better health is achieved and weight loss is a great occurring side effect!
So, you ask, “How do I get there?”  I’m working, have no time, grew up on processed foods and/or my kids are used to processed foods.” It is simple, but not easy. Habits are hard to change and change is hard. But, take it step by step, month by month and slowly but surely you’ll see your health and body weight shift towards optimal.  
Start by slowly turning your kitchen into an example for your children. Every time you go shopping, bring home a substitute for the highly processed food you used to get.  For example, instead of soda, bring home seltzer water with 100% fruit juice.  Mix some juice in with the seltzer to make your new “soda”.  Instead of high sugar jelly, bring home 100% fruit jam.

Caution: Side Effect is Weight Loss!

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